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Living In Tight Budgets; How To Make It Work Without Appearing Miserly?

  • Know that even a simple outfit can be turned into something amazing with a little help – whether it is accessorizing with jewelry, ties and scarves, shoes and/or handbags, or even your makeup and the coloring of your nail polish; you can easily turn any normal and boring outfit into something fabulous if you only get a little creative. Don’t be afraid to be different or to think outside the box! So when you’re shopping for clothes, make sure to select a few accessories to help you dress better as well…
    In an ideal world, we’ll make plenty of money from our jobs. We’ll spend it lavishly on ourselves, and make all our wishes come true with it. We’ll even retire early.
    But since we live in a less-than-ideal world, we need to be more practical. No matter how much you earn, chances are that your commitments are cutting into your salary. This makes living in a tight budget vital. However, just because you are living it does not mean the world has to know about it…
    When it comes to your clothing
    Clothes are always a struggle when trying to live in a budget. Unlike the other aspect of your living, your clothes will definitely give you away if you don’t pay attention. So it’s important that you be smart when shopping. Buy each piece of clothing with several outfits (converting from summer to winter) in mind. Only splurge for things like tailor made suit bangkok or the perfect pair of jeans, as they are definitely a more than one occasion clothing. Learn to be creative with your color combinations as well as your accessorizing. And also remember that being a loyalty member in certain clothing boutiques can be worth your money indeed.
    When it comes to your food
    Food is something most of us spend a lot on. Sometimes, food is even part of our culture, like a bespoke suit or made to measure shirts; where after work dinners and weekend parties are a mandatory part of our social circle. However, there are methods to make your small budget work here as well. Shop smart, doing your whole month’s grocery shopping at once. Cook your meals at home as often as you can to avoid unnecessarily on fast foods. Taking a lunchbox to work can mean waking up a little earlier, but it is well worth the time spent. Treat yourself and others to meals; but only occasionally and not daily.
    When it comes to your travel
    In most countries, people pay more for “feeding” their vehicle that feeding themselves. If the city you live in is an expensive place to travel, then you need to smarten up. Get a vehicle that suits your needs (and family commitments) rather than a vehicle that pleases your heart and ego. Go green by cycling to work. Get used to using public transport for work and other daily commutes. Consider joining a car pool; something that will be beneficial for all parties if done right.
    When it comes to leisure and dating
    Something we hear very often is that dating is expensive. And this is so…if you can’t be creative. There are of course many special occasions that you will have to indulge in. But for those weekly meet up dates, your creativity can be useful for more than saving your money. As for your leisure activities, train yourself to understand that you need not spend to have fun. Form interesting hobbies that will keep you interested, occupied, and might even eventually turn into something beneficial…